The Victim and Cambodian Comedian, Mr. Hong Da

PHNOM PENH- On the 11th of May 2017, a murder case in condo dismayed and shocked people.

The news of the murder case was posted and reported by many Facebook pages and Khmer news outlet, and that made it become the hot topic among netizens. Social Media was abuzz with reaction of shock and dismay following the death of a 19-year-old girl, who was reported to be a second wife of Cambodian well-known comedian, Mr. Hong Da.

Netizen are still shock from this murder case. The homicide took place at a condo around Dongkor district. The victim was strangling to death by which appears to be an electric iron wire and her body was wrapped in the blanket inside her room.

18342187_1811056379211187_251097899979076431_n The electric iron wire used by the murderer

After this shocking homicide, netizens were surprised with people, who were suspected as a murderer. Thanks to the condo surveillance camera, the footage of two suspects has been captured. One of the two suspects was surprisingly appeared to be the son of Mr. Hong Da’s first wife. The video shows those suspects were coming down from the stairs of the condo in a hurry. Netizens suspected that they were running away from something.


The video itself has count as a big evidence in this case and police forces are on the hunt for those suspects. However, there is no more information about the track down right now.

What do you think about this homicide? And what could be the reason behind this murdered? Hopefully, the forces will find justice and reason behind this murder case.

The Victim was wrapped up with a blanket inside her room