Siem Reap always comes first when it comes to #wheretogoinCam. I go there annually and i never get bored of it. whenever i step my foot on this amazing place, i feel everything.

there is time in a year that Siem Reap comes to my mind. Whenever i catch myself missing to it, i start recalling and depicting every events and places that i have been there.

I remember how peaceful i felt when siting on the balcony of my hotel and looking at the busy street of Pub Street.

Nothing changes, i went there again this year. And it was still amazing. Here are the photos i took as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.

These are the top 5 things to do that i never get bored in Siem Reap..

1- Friendly people 👧
Local people are friendly. Communication with foreigners is not a big deal for them.
This is a young business kid. She is very friendly. She asked me to take her a good photo before buying her stuffs20729171_904313456392190_1915262904619156686_n.jpg

2-Impressive temples
Temples are amazingly impressive with different stories. It is even more impressive when you have tour guide, who will tell you many unbelievable past stories one more thing, the mother nature impresses me a lot. My head relaxed in the soft bouncy grass in front of the temple.


3- Night life @Pub Street
Three nights straight but still not enough 😞
laughter, fun, Food, people and gentleness.All in one place 20727817_904313513058851_1092764146302989027_n

4-Tuk Tuk Tour
One of the best things during the trip. Friendly driver and beautiful landscape with fresh air, that’s all i need 😘
6- of course, Hygge 😉
It doesn’t matter where you are going 😉it is who you have beside you 👬