1- Friendly people 👧
Local people are friendly. Communication with foreigners is not a big deal for them.
This is a young business kid. She is very friendly. She asked me to take her a good photo before buying her stuffs20729171_904313456392190_1915262904619156686_n.jpg

2-Impressive temples
Temples are amazingly impressive with different stories. It is even more impressive when you have tour guide, who tell you many unbelievable past stories

3- Night life @Pub Street
Three nights straight but still not enough 😞 fun, people, and food. All in one place

4-Tuk Tuk Tour
One of the best things during the trip. Friendly driver and beautiful landscape with fresh air, that’s all i need 😘
6- of course, Hygge 😉
It doesn’t matter where you are going 😉it is who you have beside you 👬