It’s finally here. The new powerpuff girls is officially unveiled Sunday during the one-hour “Power of Four” special

Meet Bliss, the fourth member of the powerpuff girls.Bliss is a bit taller than the other girls because she is a teenager and the long-lost older sister of Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup. Her name is Blisstina but we call her Bliss(for short).

Blisstina- the newest powerpuff girls

Bliss’s color is purple and everyone loves it. She is created with the same mixed of sugar, spice, and everything nice that Professor Utonium used to created the rest of the Powerpuff girls.

Bliss,the first black character added to the squad..

Bliss is a black character with shiny blue hair, purple dress, and grow-up figure.

who are voicing for Bliss? South African singer Toya Delazy and a group of actresses from around the world who will be voicing for Bliss.

Bliss and her sisters are ready to save the city of Townsville! Get Ready!

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