Throwback to 1945, what happened to Hiroshima, the first city in human history to be destroyed by an atomic bomb?

The bombing of Hiroshima leaves a big scar. we cannot deny it. It is the most terrifying engine of destruction. Back then, the misfortune history of the city shocked the world. How?
On August 6, 1945, during World War II, the city of Hiroshima was attacked by the Little Boy, the world’s first deployed atomic bomb.

At 8:15 a.m, The Little Boy was dropped and innocent lives were killed and much of Hiroshima was destroyed. five square miles of Hiroshima was completely vanished, according to reports.

It is a heartbreaking tragedy for those innocent civilian populations, isn’t it?

Now, we will take a quick look of Hiroshima before/after the attack and its astonishing recovery. The world moves on, and everything has changed…


Before the attack

It was quiet. It was beautiful city where people busy doing stuffs in life. It is sad realizing of anything being killed, isn’t it? but people living in Hiroshima didn’t even realize they would be killed…

Hiroshima_before_after_atomic_bomb (1)
A pre-war photograph of Hiroshima’s vibrant downtown shopping district..
Hiroshima_before_after_atomic_bomb (2).jpg
A view from Motoyasugawa River, Hiroshima. Today, it is called the “Hiroshima Peace Memorial”
Hiroshima_before_after_atomic_bomb (6)
Everything was okay before the attack. Life was still going on


after the Little boy was dropped on Hiroshima,What happened?

Things changed once the attack was over. It was too sudden and no one expected and wanted it… Hiroshima became a devastated city with full of debris and the bodies of the victims( Click Here for the photo of the victims vaporized by destructive power of the Little Boy).
Survivors had a mental Breakdown and they had a hard time in their  day-to-day life….
Imagine living in that condition, what could you do?

The photo below shows what we called “Mushroom cloud” it billowed into the sky about one hour after an atomic bomb was dropped..

Hiroshima_before_after_atomic_bomb (8)
The Mushroom cloud

Nearly 80,000 people are believed to have been killed immediately and many dying of injuries and the side effect of the nuclear. The city was ruined. Life was hard. The survivors had to deal with the heavy blanket of depression, obstacles, and live life that they did not deserve.

The photo below shows  the two brothers who survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima four days after the attack. They suddenly drifted away from everyone around them. No more Friends , Family,  joke, and conversation.

hiroshima (2).png
The Two Brothers


And, it is 2017 Hiroshima. We cannot forget it but it’s new beginning.. Hiroshima recovered.

It’s been a very very long time. This year Japan marked the 72nd anniversary of the attack.  This attack has ultimately claimed the lives of some 140,000 people. However, it’s a new beginning. Hiroshima is back to be a quiet place where people busy enjoining and doing stuffs in life but they cannot get over the toughest history of the atomic bombing. They come to pray annually for the victims…

people offer a minute of silent prayers for the victim every years..


Now, let’s take a look at the new looks of Hiroshima. The rebuilding as a city of Peace and life began settling down…
Hiroshima has witnessed an astonishing recovery. It is impressive how this city and mother nature have healed after this terrifying destruction.

The mother nature’s back. Here is the Cheery Blossom Season in Hiroshima in 2017

Cheery Blossom In Hiroshima
hiroshima 2018
The colorful photography at the night of the 72nd Anniversary of the attack @Hiroshima Peace Memorial”
A-bomb Dome
Itsukushima Shrine, one of the Three Scenic Views of Japan
Hiroshima Castle

There are so much of Hiroshima. This is just a brief summery of how this city has recovered. Visiting Hiroshima would be a great thing to do. Explore and learn, it is worthwhile!!

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