Many acts from Season 12 of American’s Got Talent have stolen the spotlight of the show. And, Angelica Hale is one of them..

Angelica Hale is the inspirational little girl who has already accomplished huge feats. She is a nine-year-old Filipino-America with an enchanting smile. Her story and passion will touch your heart.

Meet Angelica Hale, the singer who wishes to use her voice to help and inspire others..

Angelica Hale @AGT 2017

Back in 2012,  Angelica Hale was 4 but she was already in pain. She was a kidney transplant patient, who suffered from a bacterial infection in her lungs.

Angelica had multiple organ failures. She spent 80 days in the hospital, about 6 weeks in the PICU. Angelica’s parent always stay by her side. but, One day they were going to lose this amazing girl until her mother became her hero by scarifying her kidney….

Watching the full story here:

but this doesn’t stop Angelica from pursuing her dream. At the age of 5, Angelica followed her passion. She wanted to peruse singing career. She did that. She is a living example of how you should fight and follow your dream.
Angelica Hale was born with this amazing voice.However, she also has her vocal trainer. Her first singing lessons was with vocal coach Tricia Grey in Alpharetta, GA.

In 2013, she began her first ever singing competition. This young vocalist has such a powerful voice. She doesn’t only sing, but she delivers emotion and message.

she was 5 and nervous but still ended up winning the competition..

Today, she performs every events around the world in order to raise fund to support the hospital that saved her life…
In  2017, Angelica joined Season 17 of AGT. She blown the judges and the audiences away with her stunning performance of “Girl on Fire”.

You won’t believe the incredible voice that comes out of this 9-year-old until you witness it.

Angelica Hale is one of the two singers act who received a golden buzzer. Hardwick pressed the Golden Buzzer and sent her straight to the Quarterfinal.

The judges couldn’t watch Angelica’s performance without giving her the standing ovations. She always give a top-notched performance. She is so young, but has such an amazing talent. Now, she rockets to fame making to the finals of the show..

There are something special about her. You legit feel like your heart is being pulled whenever she starts singing. She delivers, And it is emotional and phenomenal.

It goes straight to your heart…

Angelica is so inspiring. She just shows that everyone should follow their dream. She is the fighter, the survivor, and she lives for her passion.


She once said she wants to be the next Whitney Houston. Today, She looks so excited and happy on the final of 2017 AGT. Angelica Hale and Kechi sing” Stronger” with Kelly Clarkson. It’s a dream comes true, isn’t it?

Sadly, She didn’t make it. Angelica is the runner-up but she has own the heart of millions people. Not only America but also people all around the world.

We all have been blessed by your Voice, Angelica.

You career has just started. You will become very successful.

You are a gift from Heaven. We love you! You are amazing!

Another true singer is born.